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Railroad Links:

  1. Gil Reid Virtual Studio
  2. Center for Railroad Photography and Art
  3. W.K. Walthers Web Site
  4. The Mid-Continent Railway  - This Railroad museum has operated in North Freedom, Wisconsin, since 1963
  5. Yahoo Railroad Search
    1. Yahoo:Business and Economy:Companies:Transportation:Trains and Railroads
    2. Yahoo:Recreation:Games:Railroad Games
  6. Schedule Board - A listing of Metro Milwaukee Model Railroad and Railfan events.(i.e. Trainfest)
  7. TrainFest -
  8. National Model Railroading Association
  9. Trains Magazine - by Kalmbach Publishing Co.
  10. MODEL RAILROADER Magazine Home Page
  11. Grand Central Railway Station of Cyberspace
  12. TrainWeb - Very nice RailFan site including live webcams along the rails(Tahachapi). "Information and photographs relating to passenger, freight and model trains
    in the U.S. and Worldwide plus items of interest to the professional rail industry."

General Art Links:

Train PC Games:

    1. Trainz Game. Simulates a model railroad. Build your own layout and drive your own trains on it. I've played this game and the graphics are very nice, but you need a fairly powerful system to play.
    2. Railroad Tycoon II. A railroad empire strategy game. You are shown a map with cities that supply and need raw materials. You build lines between these cities, supply trains and their schedule to move the goods. Beat the other players by making more money. Can play over the Internet.
    3. Microsoft Train Simulator. Similar to Trainz, but not nearly as nice as Trainz.

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