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Out of Print Artwork

The following prints are now out of print and can no longer be purchased new.


Action at Duplainville

(17-1/2" x 11-1/2") on heavy paper trimmed 22" x 16"

Action at Duplainville

Simple thing - all the operator had to do was to set the signals and let a train go through the diamond. Not so simple when four trains were approaching the tower from four different directions! This would happen at any time. This would be the time the Duplainville operator became a juggler of trains, trying to get them through the diamond with a minimum of delay. The print shows a quieter moment as Soo Line's LAKER picks up a message from the operator.

External link to photographs of the Duplainville tower.


coal_boat.jpg (10330 bytes)
22" x 12-7/8" image on 26" 17" stock.
The C.W. Reiss Coal Company 1880-1990

The print shows the WILLIAM A. REISS and the tug GREEN BAY at Reiss's coal dock at Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Published in 1980, this print was a commemorative issue and was presented to employees, relatives and friends of the C. Reiss Coal Company during the 100th anniversary of the founding of the company.



Pennsylvania Sea Shore


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