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Three Generations of Crescents
1992 Amtrak Calendar
1992 Amtrak Calendar


Caption reads: Three generations of Crescents commemorate 101 years of service along the popular New York-New Orleans Crescent route. On the left, specially lettered green and gold Ps-4 heavy Pacific steam locomotive No. 1393 pulls the Crescent Limited in the late 1920s. Green and gold diesel locomotive No 6901, center, powers the streamlined Southern Crescent prior to Amtrak's assumption of the renowned Southern Railway service in 1979. Today, Amtrak continues the proud Crescent tradition by providing daily New York-New Orleans service in conjunction with the Gulf Breeze, which joins the Crescent in Birmingham and serves Mobile and Montgomery, Ala. F40 diesel locomotive No 415, right, leads Amtrak's Crescent.


Full calendar photo below
(Full calendar approx 23-1/2" wide x 34" tall. Image approx 15" x 22")

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