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Chris Burger At The Throttle

Color photo of watercolor artwork - image 22" x 15" on 24" x 18" Kodak Professional Paper
(limited numbered prints sold out)


Three things go together. The 1385, Mid-continent Railway Museum and Chris Burger. First of all, the 1385 wouldn't be in the picture at all if the museum hadn't resurrected it from certain doom in a scrap yard. For years, with loving affection, Mid-content museum ran the engine on their own tracks at North Freedom, Wisconsin. This might have been a great retirement, but along came the Chicago and North Western Railway in the form of Wisconsin Division Manager Chris Burger. Arrangements were made to bring the 1385 up to main-line standards to operate over the entire C&NW System as the PROSPERITY Special, showing both the steam heritage and subsequent progress of the Railway.

What a wonderful event it was for the 1385 to again operate on Chicago and North Western Rails!

Photos of this engine


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