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Bad Night on the East End

Bad Night on the East End

(18" x 13") Color photo of watercolor on 20" x 16"professional paper
(limited numbered prints sold out)


A K4 is called to assist a T1*

3:16 a.m., 29 minutes late out of Chicago, the GOLDEN TRIANGLE limps into Fort Wayne. The cause -- reduced steam pressure due to bad coal. K4 5471 couples to the T1 and both engines take No. 62 east. Once the train was rolling, T1 5507 shuts off, leaving the K4 to handle the train. As the story unfolds, John Crosby writes of bad coal, a late train, bad timing at a track pan and subsequent arrival at Crestline 45 minutes off the advertised.

* From a true story published in TRAINS CLASSIC Magazine 1999. John R. Crosby, author


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